Tuesday, 19 August 2014


boxy white shirt - Missguided
silver skirt - H&M
chunky sandals - River Island
necklace - Etsy
lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel in "107"

Hey guys! So it's been an exciting couple of days. As many of the Brits and Europeans who follow me will know, it was A-Level results day on the 14th of August where thousands of students found out whether they'd got the grades they wanted. For many including myself this meant finding out whether they had got into university or not. I was happy to find out I got the grades for my Multimedia Journalism course so *Mike Wazowski voice* I AM OFFICIALLY A COLLEGE STUDENT. How this relates to an outfit, you may be wondering? Well as I'm a bit too obsessed with coming of age American teen movies, my mental image of university fashion is chic and preppy. In reality it's more Converse and trackie bottoms but I am a dreamer, what can I say. This outfit is what I imagine the typical university student of lore wearing, but with my own twist (shiny).

I've been on the hunt for the perfect white short-sleeved shirt for a while now - something crisp and clean looking but still relaxed - and this Missguided offering does the trick. It's smart looking but still looks good with a casual outfit whereas I find more stiff shirts don't. The cropped length also means it sits nicely over my silver pencil skirt without looking too formal. I decided to keep the colour scheme fairly minimal so stuck with silver and white down to my shoes - and aren't they amazeballs? I've been eyeing up these beauties since the beginning of spring so when I finally managed to nab them in the sale I was beyond ecstatic. They're chunky, silver and work perfectly with this outfit as they're a great mixture of casual yet smart. To add a bit of colour, I went with a red lip and a necklace with a coloured gemstone.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Luella playsuit in sunflower print - Motel
leather jacket and studded cut out boots - Topshop
lipstick - Kate Moss for Rimmel in "107"
bag - Michael Kors

...British Mermaid's back, tell a friend. Yes I've finally got back to writing this here blog and I've missed it so much. If you follow me on social media you'll know that I've had a fairly busy couple of months involving schoolwork, exam practices and a lot of changes (for the better!) in my personal life. All of this has meant that I have not been motivated enough to shoot outfit pictures but as my exams are almost over, I have decided to get my act together and start blogging again! So here I am, ready to once again share my outfits and awkward life experiences with you. Be prepared.

So to get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd share one of my favourite pieces of clothing to fall (*cough* be lusted after and triumphantly bought due to lack of self control) into my wardrobe this season. A few summers ago I fell in love with the patterned playsuit and upon seeing this beauty on Motel, I was smitten once again. When I'm not dressing like a wannabe Disney princess in glitter and pastels, I tend to sway towards a darker yet still feminine look with my outfits and a particular inspiration as of late has been Courtney Love. Known for her love of slightly prissy yet slightly provocative lace and chunky footwear, 90s Courtney knew how to balance grunge and girly and her strappy dresses was a sign of this for sure. The feminine sunflower print and the strappy neckline gave me some serious Courtney vibes so pairing it with studded boots seemed like the perfect option, with the cut outs adding a bit of a 21st century twist on a 90s outfit. As the weather here in England is definitely not warm enough for bare legs (though we did have a short heat wave which allowed my pasty-from-months-of-tights stumps to be bared albeit briefly) opaque black tights were a necessity and worked well at a) keeping me warm and b) dressing the playsuit down. In the words of Hannah Montana, you really do get the best of both worlds.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Urban Mermaid.

Mottie contrast dress (worn as skirt) - Missguided
fluffy jumper, boots and hat - Topshop
clutch bag - mums via Primark

I'm very inspired by mythical creatures when it comes to fashion, which may be seen as bizarre to some people but when I wear something sparkly or ethereal I often think of fairies, elves and unicorns. It's no secret to, well, anyone that I adore mermaids (a hint is in my blog name) and I've always wanted a sequin skirt that emulates the look of shimmery beautiful scales. When, while having a shameless browse on Missguided, I spotted this dress in the sale I fell head over heels, lusting after it for a good few months for taking the plunge and buying it. Iridescent, tight and featuring sea green and blue sequins it reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, who is my favourite princess. I wanted to wear the dress out for my birthday but as we were doing shopping before going out in the evening I decided to dress it down in order to make it more appropriate. The look I decided to go for was "urban mermaid" with lashings of black to play down the statement skirt. My current fashion obsession is maximalism, and the best and easiest way to achieve this for daytime is layering and clashing textures - if you're just starting out try teddy textures like fluff or faux fur with something stiffer or more leathery. In this outfit I layered a black fluffy cropped jumper over the sequin skirt which played down the sequins while adding interest with the contrasting fabric. I went with the black theme with opaque tights and studded cut out boots adding a large hat and silver necklace for accessories. 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ice Queen.

faux fur bomber jacket and hat - Topshop
Natsumi metallic brocade top - Missguided
faux leather skirt - Dorothy Perkins
platform boots - H&M

Part snow queen (think Elsa from Frozen) and part 40s femme fatale, this is the outfit that I wore on my first full day in Paris. I've been embroiled in a love story with coloured fur for quite a long time now as I think it provides the perfect balance between old school and modern, by mixing a classically stylish fabric with bright popping colours or pastels that brings it into the street-style-generation of 2013. The jacket looks different depending on the light - in some photos from other times I have worn it it looks more aqua blue but in reality it is a cool toned icy mint. This is a colour I wouldn't usually go for but combined with wintery silvers and whites and contrasted with black it works a treat for the winter months. As the jacket is so voluminous I really decided to play on the textures of the outfit by pairing the faux fur with a sleek black leather skirt and bag. The top also gives an interesting texture - slightly stiff and boxy it may be but that gives off a slightly more boyish and casual air that perfectly contrasts the OTT glamour of the jacket. To balance out the big fur I opted for a big black hat to add to the drama as well as the chunky H&M platform booties that have become my go to shoe - they work just as well with a pair of trousers as they do with a skirt or dress. 

As I was in Paris when taking these outfit photos, here are a few snaps from the trip. Enjoy!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

On Fashion and Pleasing Others.

As fair as men go, the ones in my life are pretty good when it comes to some of my fashion choices. My boyfriend has seen it all from obnoxious "gold" chains and pink hair to astronaut silver pencil skirts and hats with cat ears on them and reacted with little more than an eye roll and sigh while my dad simply looks on in faint bemusement as I arrive downstairs in something neon or fluffy (or in some circumstances both). But something that made my blood boil was an article I saw posted on Twitter in which men spoke about what trends "turned them off" including big hats, high heels, high waisted shorts and bright lipstick. It wasn't just me who reacted in disgust - when I reposted the site many of my friends (both male and female) spoke out about how fashion shouldn't be about pleasing anyone else, in particular the opposite sex. As someone who likes to wear interesting clothes, it breaks my heart that some people feel that they can't wear what they love purely because others will judge them.

When I was younger I had very low confidence, I always admired high fashion and the kind of eccentric and artistic pieces that I saw created by designers like McQueen. At this stage I didn't have many friends outside of my close knit group, and faced a few problems with nasty and immature classmates picking up on the fact I didn't fit in that well (I didn't wear makeup until I was about 14 and I wore trousers rather than rolled up skirts). A few years on I cut my hair into an undercut which made me receive homophobic "lesbian" jibes and quite frankly sexist comments from a particular pair of boys in my maths class. It really got me down - why should someone be picked on for choosing to express themselves through their appearance? I was in a state of serious self doubt for ages but when they left school I realized something - why shouldn't I wear what I love? So I started this blog and here I am now.

It's not just me though. Recently one of my favourite bloggers and general sweetheart Helena from Bells Fashion had some of her trademark quirky yet amazing outfits posted on the ASOS page after she styled some of their pieces for them. Queue bitchy "why would you wear that?" and "this is the ugliest outfit ever" comments. It infuriates me that people feel the need to say such nasty and abusive things to somebody just because its not to their taste or different to what they're used to. If you don't like somebody's style that's fine, but you shouldn't act like what they are doing is wrong. Luckily Helena is made of thick skin which is seriously admirable, and anyone who doesn't follow her incredible blog should definitely check it out. She's amazing!

So the moral of the story? Fashion is not about pleasing other people. If you want to wear furry pastel boots (holla at you Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop) or an menswear-inspired trouser suit, do it because I can guarantee you'll look like a complete babe. And if you really want to dress to impress someone else, make that person Leandra Medine.